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Straight Request Grow It Back

Straight Request Grow It Back

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Grow It Back contains emu oil, peppermint oil, lavender oil, the herbs horsetail and ginger root, making it the official comeback team. Stimulating the scalp to promote blood circulation and regrowth, each ingredient is designed to solve a problem and no challenge is too hard. Luscious thick hair is what you will receive once you Grow It Back

» Emu Oil helps with the thickening of the hair, absorbing deep into the scalp. Emu Oil also helps with some scalp conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

> Peppermint oil helps give the scalp a fresh feel with an antiseptic and also has a regenerative, stimulating effect. It has also been known to relieve dry scalp and irritations and help with blood flow. * Lavender Oil helps encourage hair follicles to grow thicker and more quickly by correcting the conditions that causes the hair follicle to stop producing hair. It also naturally moisturizes and softens the hair shaft.

> Follicusan stimulates follicle cells, with resultant normalization of the hair growth cycle.

> Horsetail contains a high level of silica acid, one of the planet's most important elements. This element increases the strength and thickness of hair and reduces brittleness. Ginger Root contains powerful antioxidants which neutralize the free radicals that cause damage to the hair follicles and strands. It also has natural anti-inflammatory properties.

» Black Castor Oil helps encourage hair to grow longer, thicker, faster and provides nourishment that hair needs, as well as increases blood flow to the scalp and follicles.

> Tea Tree Oil helps to unclog hair follicles and nourish your hair roots As you can see this combination of oils and herbs will help your hair and aid your scalp to Grow It Back. Wow! What a smart chemist!

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