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Diva Smooth Straightener

Diva Smooth Straightener

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Diva Smooth is a pure natural alternative to chemical based hair relaxers. Diva Smooth is based on a finely tuned mixture of all natural ingredients that deposit a high level of moisture and nutrients to your hair. When combined with heat, your hair becomes naturally smooth and healthy. What it Does: Helps prevent Hair loss and Breakage Diva Smooth can be used as an alternative to chemical relaxers Diva Smooth can be used on ALL textures of hair – if you desire polished smooth hair – Diva Smooth is for you What else you need to know: You can finally go natural without fussing about the grow-out phase. This will smooth out your roots while waiting for your hair to grow out Diva Smooth can be used on hair that is chemically relaxed or processed – it ups the luster factor Diva Smooth can be used with color  – it adds shine Diva Smooth is a completely natural product - no synthetics of any kind It’s Easy to go from dull to wow…Apply- Wash - Dry - Flat Iron - WOW! The Diva Smooth effect will last for 4 weeks.

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