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Diva Smooth Kit

Diva Smooth Kit

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Diva Smooth Kit is a Natural Alternative to Relaxer Kits   Kit Contains

Diva Smooth 8oz Strengthener

8oz Diva Smooth Shampoo

8oz Diva Smooth Conditioner

2oz Diva Smooth Twisted Lemon Oil                                                              

The list of ingredients in Diva Smooth  reads more like a dessert recipe than a treatment to straighten your hair. Honey, Sugar, Lemon juice and Molasses. Diva Smooth Deluxe Kit is a natural alternative to traditional chemical relaxer kits. The finely tuned mixtures of natural ingredients when applied together with a flat iron create smooth, shiny hair without breakage or hair loss. It is so gentle that it can be left on overnight, says Diva creator of Diva Smooth. Diva Smooth Twisted Lemon Oil, which contains such ingredients as jojoba oil and grape seed oil, is brushed in, and can be left on from 35 minutes to overnight. It works by strengthening the hair with the virgin coconut oil, and creates a light protective coating that prevents heat damage through the use of honey and molasses. There is no stripping of the hair cuticle because there are no chemical ingredients..

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