VMax VanishMax Weave Removal System

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VanishMax helps you to remove weaves in just seconds! The reviews say it all! Check out the video. #Unbeweavable

VMax provides the safest organic and all natural products for the best care of your weave. They take great pride in their vision to make a difference in the hair extension industry.  Making the take down process of weaves not only quick in mere seconds, saving you time and money; but more importantly no damage to your natural hair.

Kit includes 60 Yards (180 Ft) VanishMax Black Thread and 8 oz VanishMax 100% Natural Dissolving Solution. Kit Includes enough thread for 4-6 installs.

Available in Coarse or Fine. Coarse texture VanishMax thread has a thicker weight thread. Choosing thread weight - fine or coarse - will depend on your style preference of weaving/sewing. Both thread weights will have same quick dissolving results.


Remove weaves in just seconds