Nairobi Nairo-Plex Treatment Conditioner 16 oz.

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Nairobi Nairo-Plex Treatment Conditioner protects against split ends and dry, brittle hair. Detangles hair for easy wet combing, Locks in sheen and silkens the hair shaft.

Ph balance at 4.5

Reinforces all Hair Types

Healthy Hair

• Replaces nutrients lost from blow drying, curling, and chemical treatments

• Revives dull limp hair

• Gives a protein micro-seal to protect against styling abuse

Damaged or Over Processed Hair

• Repairs split ends

• Reduces breakage

• Restores elasticity

• Imparts sheen

• Strengthens hair shaft

Color Treated and Bleached Hair

• Moisturizes

• Eliminates the frizzes

• Replenishes damaged cuticle with biotin, Keratin, and panthenol.


For Professional Use Only. Must provide valid license number upon order.